Afeka College

About the project

Afeka, the Academic College of Engineering in Tel Aviv , is one of the leading institutions in its field, and its activities are recognized by the Council for Higher Education. In the two decades since its establishment in 1996, approximately 6,831 graduates have studied engineering for a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Afeka. The college president has decided that he is interested in examining the abilities that the students receive in the various courses and thus determining the basket of capabilities that the students should receive at the end of the degree. Afeka College has many degrees, both undergraduate and graduate, and the task requires the work of all the senior faculty at the college.


This app had to rank 13 different abilities for each course according to the various lecturers. It required a hierarchy of roles like a lecturer, degree manager, department head, school principal, president, and support. Such a high ranking required precise thinking and planning so that each position would be exposed solely to mapping courses belonging to it down to the level of the president, who is the only one exposed to everything.