Dalia Company

About the project

Dalia operates and maintains vehicles with over 20 years of experience in the automotive field. A customer of the company can receive all the services under one roof: from financing the purchase of a vehicle to its sale to complete and comprehensive solutions for the maintenance of the vehicle, such as: full operation and ongoing treatments, insurance and the like. The company was interested in a new service for its premium customers, which are large companies that need to get service for a number of different vehicles. When each vehicle has its own driver and where and will be exchanged between vehicles, each vehicle should receive regular and spontaneous treatments and more.


This application includes a large number of elements that are connected in synergy. Application Manager Panel – Dalia Company

  • Possibility to assign new and old vehicles to customers.
  • Opportunity to follow treatments for the various cars.
  • Know the last location of vehicles on a national map.
  • Receive real-time alerts for scheduled treatments and urgent treatments such as accidents.
  • West after the various drivers of the vehicles.
  • Tracking vehicle details such as mileage and who was the last driver in the vehicle

Client panel

  • A customer can keep track of his vehicles, who drove them, and their treatment history.
  • A customer can assign vehicles to drivers and order service directly through the app without a phone call with the company.
  • Can get updates from Dalia

Driver panel

  • He gets his vehicle to the app, where he sees a screen with all the vehicle specifications.
  • He can order urgent services and report an accident in real-time.
  • Receives alerts for upcoming treatments and can replace the vehicle with another driver.
  • Receives contacts from other drivers and the Dalia company, including calling emergency teams from the app.

Beyond the various challenges posed by the app, I had the pleasure of going through with the company executives June and Ilana, who I am sure everyone who receives their service will immensely enjoy.

Gideon is very professional!
A few levels above them all!
Thank you for your professional guidance and meticulous work without compromise, and a patient and pleasant attitude!
Recommend you, and we will continue to work together in the future!

Ilana and Yoni Atias | Dalia Company