Dibs Africa

About the project

This company was established with the aim of making financial education accessible to the people of Africa. With this education, the company wants to help residents save on the one hand and invest on the other. In this way, the residents will be able to get out of the cycle of poverty and manage their finances better. My part in this project was to build a relatively austere budget management app. This digital tool gives an overview of how much the user spent in a particular month and how much he spent in a specific category such as a residence. In this way, the user can know how much he can invest in a savings plan, stocks, etc.


The big challenge in this app was to develop personal budget management for each user so that there would be no conflict between them. In other words, make sure that even though all the expenses are entered into one data file, they are still separated for each user, including categories and the total cost. In addition, the app also contains instructional videos in the form of posts imported from the company’s YouTube channel.

Gideon is Brilliant and Very Helpful. I have o the extra mile Total Solution. I HIGHLY Recommend

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