About the project

Garmin has launched a marketing campaign in which it distributes discount coupon codes that must be brought to the store itself to use. The customer distributed in his campaign over 1000 different codes that can be used all over the country as it is a chain of stores. It was necessary to follow the codes to avoid duplication in the purchase with the discount.


The problem is how you can keep track of which coupon they used in the past, where they used it, and when in a chain of stores. With Glide, there was a solution to this problem (: An app has been built for the cashiers, those who need to check the codes. The cashier types in the coupon he was given, and immediately the coupon card pops up, and we see if it was used or not. If not, he can enter it and select the branch where the purchase was made. The feed time enters automatically as you type.