Glide app’s price list explanation

Glide’s pricing

There are a total of 5 different programs.

  1. Free

  2. Starter – $ 25 a month.

  3. Pro – $ 99 per month.

  4. Business – $ 249 per month.

  5. Enterprise – Customized.

The different pricing is mainly about the limitations of further platform use.


Applications and pages (sites)

Each program has a different number of apps that can be published, but there is no limit to the number of unpublished apps and pages produced.

An app or published page is a project with a URL that means users can access it like any website on the web.

You can unpublish an app or page if you no longer need them.


The editors are your team members, meaning they can go into any project and edit it if they want.


This option is available in non-free programs, and this is about removing Glide branding from your app. It is possible to add more projects without branding beyond the limit with an additional payment of USD 10 per project.

You can do this by going to Setting -> Billing -> Possible lack of branding.



This type of user is free in all apps. They are users who can log in to the app without logging in. There is only one use case where this is possible. You will need to make your app “public.”

To do this, go to Setting -> Privacy -> “Public” sign-in

Public users

These users are all users who have logged into your app. They went through the login page and entered their email address. The app can be in “public” mode, and they log in from within the app, or they log in directly when you open the app link when you configure your app in “public with email.”

Private users

These users are counted when your app is in “private login” mode. Currently (May 19, 2022), there are three such options.

Restrict access to emails in the user profile

Set this option when you create a list of emails in the tab assigned to be the users’ tab. Only those emails will be allowed to enter your app or page.

Restrict access to emails in the table

This option is almost the same as the first one, and the difference is that you can select any tab you want to have the login permission list.

3. Team members only

The last option is to do projects that are only for team members (editors), which is good when you are in the development stage of your project. Another use case could be that a particular app has very sensitive data, and you do not want anyone to connect to it.



You can create applications and pages from Glide, AirTable, Google Sheets, and Excel in all programs.

Rows for each project

Glide counts all the rows used in your app or page.

Glide counts none of the unused lines in your app or page.

Glide does not count empty rows.

As long as there is a reference to the rows in the app the row will count in the count.


An app with over 50,000 lines will only show 1,000 lines in use because lookup can be used to pull information from those 50,000 lines to another tab that is only in use in the app.

Storage space

Storage is for storing images and files like PDFs in your application. Therefore, it is advisable to compress images and files before uploading them to the app. You can compress them with sites like


* These were the central part of the pricing, and it is advisable to read them in full to understand your needs better.

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