Glide VS other no-code app building tools

It’s 2022, and we don’t need to know code (programming) to build great software. Thanks to no-code platforms, any business or individual can create various applications, from static websites to mobile applications, without any programming or design experience., for example, is a no-code platform that allows people to build apps. It works by importing existing databases and turning them into web applications (it works with the internet only, it cannot work without an internet connection). As a result, professional ready-to-launch apps can be built in minutes!

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But there is a catch. Softr only works if you know and use Airtable, a tool that lets you build hybrid databases that look like spreadsheets. But if your data is inside Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, or if you’re looking to create a new database from scratch with Softr, that’s not possible. In addition, it is perfect for creating a desktop platform, but it is not the best choice for building mobile applications, such as those for Android or iOS.

Softr is a good platform that works well for many startups or small business owners, but advanced no-code users require more features and flexibility to build their development workflows.

In this article, I’m pitting the best no-code apps against each other.
So keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of each platform and see which one is right for you.

Glide: The best no-code app builder for workplaces
Webflow: for building websites and web applications without code
Adalo: The first platform for building no-code mobile apps
Noloco: the ultimate agency app development tool
and a few more.

Let’s start!

Glide: The best no-code app builder for the workplace

Glide is a no-code app builder that helps you turn your spreadsheets and databases into working apps. It pulls data from sources like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Airtable, or Glide Tables and helps you turn it into an app.

With Glide, your creations aren’t just limited to desktop apps. You can also create mobile-optimized applications for Android and iOS devices. Any app you make will, by default, display screens for each table in your data source, but you can customize each screen however you like.

The best thing about Glide is its large community of experts who regularly contribute to its collection of assets and resources. There are hundreds of app templates to get you started, not to mention a vast selection of pre-built components to design your app however you want. You can also integrate your Glide app with third-party services like Zapier and Make.

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Bubble: Mainly for mobile web apps

This platform is a fantastic product that allows you to create any app with absolutely zero code. You build a prototype to test your idea and then share it. In addition, it was possible to create mobile-friendly content. There is no hard limit to the number of users, traffic volume, or data storage. You can send emails, analyze data and create other integrations.

Bubble offers a free option, an agency subscription model, student discounts, and non-profit options, so anyone can start building apps in no time.

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Webflow: designing and building websites without code

Webflow is the Photoshop of no-code website builders. Like Softr, it only works for websites, landing pages, and web apps. However, Webflow has its own data management solution and does not use Airtable as a data source. However, connecting Webflow to an Airtable account is possible using third-party integration tools such as Zapier and Make.

Webflow is a very advanced tool with plenty of functions both above and under the hood. It even includes its content management system for dynamic sites like blogs and online magazines. But, Webflow is quite complicated for beginners and has a steep learning curve. And while it’s a no-code solution, Webflow doesn’t use drag-and-drop technology. That is, you must know the basic principles of website development.

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Adalo: for building mobile apps without code

Adalo is a good alternative for mobile app development. It has its database software, so it doesn’t have to rely on Airtable integrations. A mobile-focused platform that works with both Android and iOS devices. You can build different apps and publish them in the appropriate app stores.

Adela is a no-code solution for building apps quickly and easily, which is why it doesn’t focus on customization. Instead, you can choose from lists, forms, and navigation components. Their subscription offers additional options.

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FlutterFlow: for building apps and websites with the ability to download the code

FlutterFlow is an online app builder allowing users to build native apps across platforms quickly. FlutterFlow brings a visual builder on top of Google’s Flutter, the most popular framework for cross-platform developers. Building and iterating on cross-platform mobile apps today are expensive and slow. Building in Flutterflow is less intuitive than Glade, and you need to understand how it works. If so, there are many options and components, so it’s incredibly flexible.

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Noloco: The best app builder for agencies

Noloco is a no-code app builder that lets you develop customer portals, partner apps, and internal tools on all screen sizes using existing business data. The platform pulls data from the Airtable database or Google Sheets and automatically turns it into an application. After that, it’s up to you to customize it with the built-in drag-and-drop editor.

In addition, it allows you to control the app’s permissions and access sharing. As a result, it’s perfect for agencies and freelancers working with multiple clients, whether they want to build their client portals or apps. Noloco also partners with Zapier and Make to offer a host of third-party plugins and integrations. You can automate your workflows using the classic startup formula by letting your apps talk to each other through APIs.

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Other no-code app builders to consider

Backendless is a no-code app builder designed to serve freelancers and agencies. Focuses on app building design and visual aspects.
Bildr is an all-in-one app development platform that is both code-free and low-code. It helps develop SaaS products, although it can be used to create any application.
Bravo Studio is built from the ground up for mobile app development, helping creators build their projects step-by-step from prototype to final software.

What other tools without code do you know?

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