How to purchase an app in my store

It is important to note that there are two types of apps in my store: personal and public apps.

Each has a slightly different way of purchasing.

Currently, purchases can only be made with PayPal

Apps for personal use

In these apps, the buyer duplicates the template of the app.

Therefore, the buyer is required to do two things:

1. Google Account

2. Glide apps account

The duplication and the datasheet he keeps with him, the user he created in Glade, and the datasheet under his user in Google account or Glade depends on whether it is Google Sheets or Glade datasheet.


1. You can design, change and delete components according to the buyer’s wishes. A little knowledge of Glide construction is required, and you can find guides on the blog.

2. You can get installation assistance at the cost of 45 USD, including a change to a different color in the application.

3. With the help of a quote from me, you can upgrade the template according to the buyer’s wishes.

4. The buyer stores all data in the app, and he has full ownership of it.


Public applications

These applications have a single web address, and their use does not require a duplicate template.

In these applications, no preparation is required on the part of the purchaser.


1. It is impossible to design, change or delete components. There is room for comments to improve the app, affecting future buyers.

2. No complicated installation is required. Download to mobile using this guide.

All data in the app is stored in my account, and I have full ownership of it.

Now that you know how to purchase and enjoy my apps, feel free to go to the store (:

** To stay up to date with everything related to the Glide app, the email address must be left in the menu below.

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