The process of building a system with Gideon

When approaching a new project or wanting to upgrade an old one, keep in mind that fast construction without thinking and early planning can lead to unnecessary complications such as awful user experience, system slowness, calculation errors, and more.

I can attest to myself that I love new challenges, and to understand them and how to deal with them, I need as accurate an explanation as possible of the problem to be solved.

To avoid such cases, I will now explain how to work with me.

So without more unnecessary preparations, here is the process

  • Characterization of the system

    The system characterization is designed to understand some essential elements.

    1. Description of the system.
    2. What problem or issues does it need to solve?
    How many users are expected to work with it?
    4. What are the different types of roles in the system?
    5. Does the project have a fixed end date?
    4. What is the budget to use?
    5. Is it necessary to connect to the existing systems that the business works with, including the website?

    If you do not have a neat characterization, you can enter

    In addition to the characterization, we will do a half-hour session to ensure everything is understood.
    You can schedule such a call here

  • Quotation

    The quote includes the characterization itself, plus my characterization and arrangement of things.

    It tells you what is possible and what is not, which parts will take longer and which are recommended to give up.
    In addition, the proposal will include the schedule, additional construction costs, and the total cost of the project.

    It is important to note that the method of payment is made in the form of a down payment of 25 percent of the total cost, and each significant stage that is completed will be accompanied by an additional portion of the total price.

  • The manner of construction itself

Arranging the spreadsheet

At this point, you may have an existing sheet that requires reorganization to fit the app build or one that needs to be built from scratch.
I may be in touch with you during the construction phase if I have any questions.
This is the basis of the system, and it forms the cornerstones and the framework in which the system will work.

Building the front end of the system

At this point, I will start building the various pages, buttons, and general elements according to the agreed characterization.
At the end of this step, it will be possible to access the initial sketch of the system and understand whether it does indeed match the agreed characterization or whether improvements need to be made.

This step can be compared to buying the paint, furniture, and appliances for a new apartment.

At the end of this phase, an additional 25 percent of the total payment will be transferred.


At this stage which is the most complex, is the addition of the system’s functionality, which includes within it the user experience, functions, algorithms, and automation if necessary.

This step usually takes the most time and requires me to be in touch with you to make sure that the problem that the system wants to solve is indeed occurring.

It is important to note that sometimes following the connection of third-party systems such as issuing receipts, sending mailings, and receiving leads, which may result in delays following approvals to be issued from those systems. This does not depend on my work pace.

At the end of this step, I will introduce you to the system in a video call that can be recorded, in which we will go through the entire system from the bottom up to make sure that everything is in place.

At the end of this stage, once it has been agreed that the system works as agreed in the quote the last 50 percent of the total payment will be paid.

The system will be transferred to the full ownership and control of the customer, including all third-party systems if any.


Week of free support

Since your system is new and you need to get used to it, and so are your users, I provide a free week of support for the pilot period.
The support period includes corrections and minor comfort changes but not dramatic additions that require much development.
I reserve the right to decide what “great development” is.


I will do for you and any other interested party a training hour that can be recorded in which I will explain how the system works and where you can edit, change and add information.

This is a general process I tried to explain here: every customer who passes by me from the moment they receive a call until their system is ready! 🙂

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