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About the project

Vividly transforms how brands do business to shape a more connected future. Vividly is the ultimate solution for CPG brands looking to improve their trade. Learn why we’re the #1 Trade Promotion Management tool on G2.

By adding clarity and insight into your trade metrics, Vividly empowers you to focus more on growth, and less on busy work.

Their expert team has decades of experience in consumer packaged goods and enterprise technology. They have lived through the problems and are developing solutions to solve them one by one.


Vividly had a problem tracking disputes between their clients and their client’s customers.

They used to use Google Sheets for this part of the business and operations but, Google sheet is not user-friendly for many employees to work on. Not only that, but they want to bring outsourcing for some of the work and the use of roles and permissions is highly important.

Now, Vividly can manage all of its processes without the fear of data leakage and can reduce work time and human errors.