About the project

Alon, the director of IsraSpa , wanted an app to which he could transfer all the referrals that come daily to his website, which must be coordinated with the many therapists who need to treat the patients who left the referrals. Today Alon has an app where all caregivers get a live update on every new hand that comes in, and they can decide whether to take the treatment, take and add more caregivers if needed, and more. All the information entered by the client comes directly to the therapist, and they can easily navigate to the destination, know what type of treatment is required and pay IsraSpa for this service.


I faced several challenges, and the first was a notification system for the app manager, therapists, and customers for various actions performed in the app. This was done using a script, which is the use of code for emails and text messages. Another challenge is to give each therapist the treatments that are relevant to him in terms of location and the sex that the client prefers, and this is done by synchronizing the therapist’s details with the details that appear in the treatment. So that each therapist can both filter treatments and see what is relevant to him. Beyond that, it is necessary to ensure that there is no situation where too many caregivers are registered for the same treatment. They are also not exposed to specific information before they take the treatment. This was done with the help of an algorithm that identified how many therapists were required and how many were enrolled. When the treatment is full, the option to take the treatment closes.