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Even without any prior knowledge you can build amazing apps with Glide app
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Created by Gideon Lahav
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  • In the course, I will teach you all the knowledge needed to build basic applications in Glide.
  • We will learn what basic settings are needed to build a task and subtask management application.
  • Working with Glide tables and functions created by Glide.
  • Understand how to create complex actions using one click.
  • We will develop the skills required in building applications without code.

Course content

35 min
Welcome to the course
In this lesson, you will get to know me and the requirements of the course.
My Glide account
In this lesson, we will set up our first account on Glide's website. Notice that it is all in the English language. The process is straightforward, it is essential to note that in all these courses, you are not required to pay Glide; in other words, there is no need to upgrade a paid subscription to successfully finish this course.
Glide Templates store
In this lesson, we will learn one of Glide's shortcuts for getting our app which is templates. There are many templates in the Glide store which you can get for free or purchase. After purchasing them you will be able to edit them as you like, adding futures and much more. In this lesson, I will also explain the difference between the two Glide products which are Apps and Pages.
Glide Pricing
There are in total 5 different plans: Free Starter - 25$ per month Pro - 99$ per month Business - 249$ per month Enterprise - Custom The different pricing is mainly on limitations of different usage of the platform. Projects Apps and Pages
Building the app
1h 38min
First steps for our first Glide app
In this lesson, we will learn how to set up a completely new project with no need for a pre-prepared database. Glide does the work for us and gives us a basic pattern that we can edit, change and add components to it. In this lesson, we will see how to delete all the information that is irrelevant to us and start from scratch. No programming or previous knowledge is required! Let's go (:
Setting inside a Glide project
In this lesson, we will learn all the possibilities that a free plan on Glide can give us. There are many of them, and this lesson might be a bit long but it is very important to understand all the futures that we have and how can we use them.
Arrange the database
In this lesson, we will prepare as much as possible our database, the "under the hood" functionality. Glide already has many different functions, and we don't need to create any new ones. I will show some of the most used functions there are there, but as Glide adds more and more functions of them, you will need to learn yourself by testing and experiencing them.
User profile, main page and public chat
In this lesson, we will start touching the construction screen. We will learn how to set up new pages, add components and navigate the construction screen in general. The user experience is the heart of the app, so it is very important to make it easier for our users even if it is ourselves. To do this, use as clear words as possible, and lower the user's clicks as much as possible.
Adding new items
So how can we add new items to our app, or better yet, let our users add new items? Well, in Glide, there are two ways to do that. One way is by a + sign in a list format and the other is by a button in a "details screen" format. I will show you both (:
Personalized actions
So now we have reached complex Galid capabilities, which are customized actions. Such actions can be produced for any component that we have the option of adding "action" like a picture, buttons, and lists. Understanding complex actions can make your app incredible!
UI & UX for inline list
When we build an app one of our goals is to make our user's life easy. So how can we reduce their time and effort? Counting items can be exhausting and confusing when it comes to high numbers, so why not do this process for automatic? In this lesson, I will show you how you can make Glide count items under the same category.
Finishing our app
Navigation In this lesson, we will learn how to produce accessible and convenient navigation without the need for "back" which will allow the user to constantly move forward. One of the factors of users getting bored or not using any platform is bad navigation. We want to produce a situation where our user is constantly moving forward, continually having another button to drive and another world he can discover. Progress bar When we have any destination that depends on numbers, such as tasks, sales, and more, we often want to know where we are standing and how much more is left. A progress bar is one of my favorite components and can be used for many needs. Personal area for users When it comes to an app with multiple users, it is essential to give them a personal area. One that they can collect their information in one place with easy access. In addition, if it is a social app or "social network", we want to give other users to watch their information just like Facebook or any other platform. Posting the app Mazel Tov! This is the last lesson for the course, it's time for us to post the app and start using it. Also, you can find a link to copy the app to your account when you can compare what you built compared to what I built so you can make sure you did everything right. I wish you a lot of success down the road, and you are invited to follow the social networks for other updates on Glide.
Glide Practice Test
9 questions

As a freelancer, I know that many businesses, especially new ones, struggle to track their data, which can be critical for their success. No code tools like Glide and many others can solve this issue. Won’t it be nice if you could just build your apps in hours without any vast expenses or a waste of time?

In this course, I will teach you all the knowledge needed to build basic applications in Glide.

We will learn from the basic settings that need to build a task and subtask management application,

And develop multiple skills in building apps without code.

Based on the knowledge acquired here, you will quickly develop in building your applications for the variety of your business and personal needs.

What do you need to have to join the course?

Basic knowledge of computer operation and internet surfing.

Ability to read in English.

A computer or tablet and an internet connection.

What is not needed?

No prior knowledge of programming or code languages is required!

At the end of this course, you can approach Glide and your custom-made management tools.
Or for all the entapanures with those ideas for an app or systems which can change the world, this tool can give the startup up and running and even get more funds with a working prototype.


Hi, my name is Gideon.

I am a certified expert on behalf of the American Glide company in Silicon Valley. I help businesses become more efficient and turn ideas into reality for entrepreneurs.

I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration in tourism and manage my business from different countries. So it turns out that I work with clients from all over the world and enjoy getting to know different cultures and unique values.

All my experiences and studies are channeled well into an understanding of efficiency and workflow so that business owners are more successful, more intelligent, and managed correctly, allowing freedom of movement and real economic growth.

Gideon Lahav

Gideon Lahav
Glide app expert


Vlassis V.
Vlassis V.
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A very good introduction to Glide app, you get to learn all the fundamentals of the app and also you create a simple app. I took the course in one sit and I recommend the course to anyone who want to begging creating with Glide app.
Ritch C.
Ritch C.
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Wow I really appreciate how nice and thoroughly this instructor teaches everything about this course.