Remote Office Client Portal

About the project

The way Remote Office work is by designing your team based on your requirement and estimating prices with their price calculator. Once you are done with submitting the request, they will take it from there and look for the right fit for you. Interview (Online) industry-standard candidates who are enlisted & filtered through our RPA-powered recruitment system. Get a dedicated team leader to manage your team and start working.


In this project, I had many complicated requirements such as leave management for users around the world with different calendars.

This project is all about managing the staff members which been selected after a long process of revelations and managing them throughout the client’s projects.

Some of the futures are:
Global calendar, Reports system (monthly and yearly), Price calculator, Ordering products, Performance evaluations, and more.

This was one of the biggest and most complicated projects I had with Glide Pages, and I’m very proud of it.