About the project

In this case, the customer wants to develop a system where users can perform various tasks and get a score on them. The app is part of a more extensive system, and it functions as a typo for startups.


The challenge in this project is to give each user their own individualized experience when there are lots of tasks that each one has to do and see a personal pace of progress. Not only that, but there are also public tasks, and there are tasks that any manager wants to give only to their team, and they each have to experience a personal experience. In addition, it is required to add an archive of posts, podcasts, and videos from the client’s YouTube channel, which increase motivation and increase proactivity.

I worked with Gideon on a prototype. I was very impressed with his initial perception of the concept I designed and his ability and speed to put it together. Most of all, I’m impressed with Gideon’s project management and productivity.

Samuel Jackson | samjaxx