What’s Growing On?

About the project

This is an American entrepreneurial startup project built for a community of home growers in the central United States.

Among other things, the requirements for this project were to share posts just like on Instagram, including the Ashtags library but not only.

The customer was interested in the possibility for businesses like greenhouses and gardening stores to advertise their business so that the growers would see what was next to them and make orders if necessary.

Beyond that, growers can hit various missions and post them on a platform that requires other gardeners to reach out to them and perform them and, in return, get credit for shopping in stores.

Most importantly, a subscription plan for the businesses that advertise so the customer can receive a monthly income with the app’s help.


The challenges I encountered were mainly for the subscription program and the famous tasks on the platform.

The platform contains three different types of subscriptions, monthly and annual, which provide additional options such as Post Limit, Story Limit, and more.

Creating the hashtag library was not easy, but I could also do it with the help of Glade, a tool without code.