Can Glide apps be published to the app stores?

Enter the link here, and get an instant quote.

Publish your Glide app. To expand your business, I take care of all the processes up to publishing Glide apps in the App Store and Google Play.

Once you have finished building your app in Glide, you can contact me for the service of uploading the app to stores.

Ground preparation:

  1. The app must have public access – users can be logged in after logging in.
  2. When uploading to an Apple Store, the option of a fast sign-in with Google should be removed.
  3. A developer account must be opened in Google and Apple.

You can then enter a link here , get an instant quote.

Lessons I had on the way to the first app I uploaded to the stores:

1. You need to prepare an excellent and concise explanatory text
2. You need to make screenshots of the app, so emphasis should be placed on the design.
3. Apple does not like the fast sign-in of Google and internal purchases, so this should be avoided as much as possible.
4. Apple likes a public app, so users should be given the option to access some of the apps before connecting.

The process is not scary and you will be in good hands

Example: Private tutors in Israel

Link to the app in the Google store

Link to the app in the Apple Store

The benefits in my opinion:

1. It is possible to make an application with a subscription from the moment of download.
2. The app loads faster.
3. The app can be downloaded straight to mobile without any hassle.
4. Marketing is easier because the market is used to getting apps from these stores.

What do you think?

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